Mother had a garden she tended every day,
Tomatoes, rhubarb, beans and herbs.
You helped her with the heavy work,
Tilling, sowing, weeding, mulching.

We watched the garden grow.

Marigold sentries guarded the border,
And a trellis, which you helped her build,
Guided Morning Glories and Moonflowers skyward
In exuberant welcome at the gate.

And you harvested the bounty,
And shared it with us at the table.

After Mother's final harvest had been gleaned,
You liked to walk in Mother's garden,
And harvest all the memories.

And share them with us 'round the table.

Today you told me of your longing
To walk in Mother's garden once again,
With arms like those that held her,
With legs as strong as yesterday's,
With a mind to memorise the moment,
With a heart to embrace tomorrow.

A heart so strong - a heart so strong -
A tomorrow that will see you
Walk in Mother's garden once again.

edit 07/28/08
Tony Provencher

copyright © 2011 - Tony Provencher